Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Meditation – an ideal place to start practicing here in Ratmale

If the natural beauty of the serene place, with just sounds of the wild and sounds of the forest at night is enough to drive you crazy, how can you take them all out of your thinking to be able to concentrate on nothing to meditate just only hearing the sound of your breathing?

Subsequent to a chat with Ranjan Perera yesterday, the value of meditation on the soul (peace of mind) and body (health) is immeasurable. In his opinion, had he done this at a young age, his life would have been completely different, but then that is history.

Teaching meditation as part of the school curriculum at age 5 will be of immeasurable benefit of the future, even if only 25% of the students are able to get to the point of removing any thoughts from the mind.

I must confess, I have tried these techniques many times and have failed, due to lack of sufficient time commitment, and Ayoma Wickremasinghe had spent some time trying to get me to follow this in the same way she has reached a sense of calm and peace of mind from it. I am always with a restless mind trying to think of some new idea that will benefit the world! The trouble is it is impossible to change people, let alone oneself, which only leaves the very young who can be adapted to change if there is a collective will.

This is not to say that mediation does not create original thought! Actually it may advance the creation of new concepts, as one has a completely clear mind to begin with.

Ranjan maintained that he does not get anything out of newspapers and it just pollutes the mind with unnecessary crap. I read for new ideas, and new ways of thinking from articles, and trying to sort out the illogicality and stupidity of what is written, so that I can challenge such articles in the blogs I write. I assume less than .1% of the readers think like that so it is a positive issue for me unlike for others, who only get a dose of negativity that makes them even more insane! (Maybe his hypotheses many have held true for me in the past, but not now.)

Meditation is a form of discipline if practiced can achieve the same goals that I have been advocating for a while. One can see through the crap with a clear mind. And have a vision for the future not polluted by old habits, ideas, practices, facts etc. –none of which apply tomorrow! As is the case before any teaching, we must first train the Teachers now so in five years they can teach the Montessori kids, nationwide, an annual intake of 350,000.          

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