Sunday, April 24, 2016

The April visit in summary

Whilst the photo in the entry was taken today, at the Heritance in Negombo, I just wanted to close off the stay in Ratmale from 7th to 17th April on a note of explanation and closure until the next visit on the 21st of May!

This was without doubt the warmest and most humid period that I have stayed at in Ratmale, and look forward to a stay of a different climate in a month, once the 6 month dry winds return, where hardly a paper can be kept around without being subjected to flying in the wind!

I have a huge leap to get over, to make Sirisena get off of his lethargy and begin to carry out my orders, first to finish the room I have started. Ranga’s help in filling in the earth inside was a great relief as that task will take twice as long once the walls are raised.

Clearing the brush and revealing fruit, mainly oranges, meant that the whole area must be cleared as soon as possible so that a proper arrangement can be made to ensure ALL plants have sufficient moisture during the lean dry months ahead till the next rains come in earnest in November, a long time away, and a matter of life and death for the plants I am so desperately trying to establish on the land.

The photos speak for themselves of the week’s activities at Ratmale, with daily surprises, never to be repeated, but different ones to be expected. Each day I miss, will not be repeated either, so I have to seriously plan ahead for those who may wish to be surprised, like I have over all these years, be it a sunset, that changes colors in seconds, and once could lose it if one just delays minutes!

I remember, I was distracted by someone visiting me, not to take in the visit of the Rock Squirrel with its little one, and therefore missed the great opportunity, with little once actually falling into the water in the pond on its travels, but which managed under guidance of its mom to be able to get back on land and quietly disappear!

I believe the value in the place is for someone, preferably a couple with NO children who take the place for a week a month, where they really appreciate the surroundings to appreciate the amazing life outside the verandah, all of which could be viewed, simply by sitting on the rocking chair and waiting for the next episode.

One must be ready, with the binoculars, note pad, bird book, in order to identify all species, and more to the point, to also understand the calls of the wild! 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Friday, April 15, 2016

Watch this space throughout the year for a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE - trust me!

Deapaththatama Yanawa!

This small snake underside first photo coils up when caught, and when the coast is clear goes back to the normal pose of moving like a snake! It can go front and back wards as if it has two heads. I dont have my snake book with me to identify what it is. Saw it whilst cleaning under an Orange tree on the property.

This Pigeon is just near the roof! See last photo