Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Black Headed Oriole

I was fortunate enough to relax and detox from the Christmas & New Year festivities at my favorite hangout, Kumbuk Pokuna from the 1st to 5th January, leaving at 4.45am on the 6th to be in the office in Biyagama on 6th at 8.45am for a meeting! Once the Highway is open in a few years, the journey time will be about 2 hours! WOW

This is just another photo from the Infinity Room that also is currently depicted in my FB account as the cover page.

I generally don't have company. I don't have electricity, and I try to eat as little as possible, just drinking Orange Juice from the Oranges in the property when I am thirsty.

It is a place of infinite possibilities, and more - surprises beyond imagination to keep one's hopes alive for endless possibilities.

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