Monday, September 3, 2012

More activity in the lodge these days – but the slash and burn mob have upset the Equilibrium.

Over 24th August to 26th August, I hosted a bunch of guys from the National Youth Front who came to campaign on behalf of the candidates in the forthcoming elections. They had somewhere to rest their weary heads after a hard days campaigning. They came from all over the country and at different times, and I had to arrange a three wheeler to pick them up or for them to come by 3wheeler from Minneriya when they arrived at the dead of night as only Minneriya town has these for hire late at night or early morning.

There was house to house campaigning in Maha Ratmale, Ratmale and Rotawewa and we also attended the late night rally of the candidates after 11pm which also included Sajith Premadasa who after his speech consented to sing with the music on tap before leaving for the final meeting in Moragahahena.

The lake is completely dry with not enough water to finish the paddy cultivation that left half the fields with less harvest. The ponds have also dried up and the fish have died or were caught.

There is enough water in the well for drinking and watering my orange trees and banana and mango trees after being pumped up using the water pump via the petrol generator.

The weekend just passed was a long weekend as Friday was Poya. My two cousins Sharmini and Enoka with their families stayed over at the lodge and used it as a base to explore, Medirigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Dimbulagala, Somawathiya etc.

What they found exciting was that there was bird life to view from the verandah, not having to go anywhere. That is a unique feature of the place. Sirisena the resident caretaker cooked for them, but he is not used to that kind of stuff, however managed to swing it with a few grumbles.

I was sad to hear that the people around have set fire to the land around to clear it of vegetation for crops in the next season when the rains come in. I hope it does not take the ambience and isolation of the place away!

There is still a way to go, the place is still rather basic. I hope when finances permit to improve on it. The NYF guys have recommended that I turn it into an Outward Bound Leadership Training Center for them. The thought had crossed my mind.