Thursday, March 10, 2016

I was having a conversation with my Driver this morning on our way to work

He was saying quite without prompting seeing the traffic in Godagama junction at 7am, something that has only begun a month ago, due to the massive increase in vehicles, and people having to live further away for affordable housing to commute to their jobs in Colombo. “ Would it not be sensible for the Govt. to move as many offices out of Colombo to the hinterland, as 300,000 coming into Colombo, does not make any sense as they don’t have to be there to do their job?”

I said precisely, as I had made a suggestion, to have a central processing point for all the Ministries in Habarana, where people from all parts of the Country can come and in one place sort out their requirement.

Most of the people don’t know which Ministry, with the profusion of such, is handling their issue, and so are sent from pillar to post. It is therefore best for one location, so people will in a morning session know the procedure for its speedy resolution!

The reason I put this in my Ratmale blog, is that we were talking about the foul air, commute, and general misery of life for people working in Colombo. Living in such isolated, forest garden surroundings, gives a level of quality that people who live in $Million homes don’t have in most parts of the world.

He therefore from the same village must finally appreciate what he has got, despite certain shortcomings, that on balance living in a village like his, and NOT aspiring to a commuter belt tiny home, is on balance the vision and goal of a good life!!

I hope my readers enjoy through photographs, what it is that I am trying to share, about my life in this place, before it also gets eventually gobbled up by greed, in the name of development which in the end, means nothing, but heartache, headache, and suffering out of all proportion to the expected benefits of development.

Not having any power in this place, so long seen as a detriment to enjoyment suddenly feels like sheer luxury, especially when compared to hot and humid Colombo, where two or three showers are mandatory to keep cool, and here, a sheet is needed to cover from the chilly mornings and pleasant nights, that make sure one can sleep soundly with the background sounds of the night! An oh so blessed sound when compared to the artificial sounds of suburbia.

Don’t say I did not invite you, enjoy it before this too disappears shortly!

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Medirigriya - Selection

The Ancient Monastry complex is 12KM about 8 miles from my home in Ratmale - visit with Wanda Kotalawala on 4th March 2016