Saturday, February 27, 2016

From my bed series -

These five images are ones I took this morning from my bed, when I woke up before I got out of bed! 
Now  how is that for life? It is a view threatened to destruction, unless our leaders lead by way of example and show that preserving the environment is the only solution for the Country's survival. 

Glyricidia / Watamara Flower in bloom 28 Feb 2016 7am

I was pleasantly surprised to see how beautiful the flower of the Glyricidia tree is

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Mango Tree in Bloom

Few people outside of Sri Lanka know how beautiful the tree looks in bloom, and though we hope that an abundance of flowers gives us an abundance of fruit, we are supposed to cut off many of the flowers to keep only a few left from which the fruit will come, as otherwise having too many flowers may even reduce the size of the fruit or even produce small bunches that will fall off prior to maturity! Lets see in a few months, whether I will even get one fruit from this tree, as this tree has yet to produce fruit despite flowering, and being about 4 years since planting.

Thinking time grows in importance as our busy lives seem to put it on the back burner

It is only when I come here to Ratmale can I really relax and think about a lot of things. This gives me ideas on how to change the world we live in and ideas for my incessant blogging.

I don't know if it was this late burst of monthly visits have allowed me to write over 250 pages of blog posts in the past 4 months on all manner of subject.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Dawn overlooking the Ratmale Tank (Lake)

 The sights are at dawn when I walked up the steps to take these photos of the lake full to the brim as late as February 7th 2016 where there is only one more month at most for harvesting.

This means that even with NO rainfall for the rest of the year the village paddy field will be cultivate for the second time of the season in May 2016, and the villagers will look forward to a bountiful harvest yet again.

The problem is the price of paddy, as the Govt. stores are already full, and will they take this paddy at the guaranteed prices.

I somehow doubt it and the price of paddy is coming in for a fall, and the traders and millers will profit exceedingly from this, whilst the farmers, who are the growers, and the consumers who are the eaters of the rice will both suffer, one from insufficient price and the other from too high a price!!

The light peeping through the clouds in the morning, and the sun would not come out even later!