Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Inspiration comes with nature, to write to create and to enthuse and most of all dream, as that is personal to you alone and no one can take it away from you.

The current debate of whether to get Electricity or not is not a simple one. I know I will rue the day I decide to have power of electricity here. It will take away that simplicity, that I have got so so used to. A kerosene lamp is all I put on till about 7.30pm. I have dinner before the light fades for the day and get into the contemplative stage when lights are switched off.

I am now writing my own version of the Constitution that bears no resemblance to the one bandied about, as it is new in concept, and with 2065 in mind, and not in the old fossilized form that will be obsolete even before it is ratified. 

The problem with my one getting any traction is that the people are still lost in the old world, trapped in the past without realizing the whole world has left them behind, and soon their own country will leave them behind due to its destruction by those who profess to love it.

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