Friday, August 5, 2011

An unexpected dividend for the soul

I have been struggling for years to finish my little jungle hideout due to many obstacles I have encountered at this marvelous place in the forest adjoining the Kaudulla National Park. The lack of funds has been one, but not the only reason.

I however have to keep a watcher in the property, to ensure my rights and my property is protected and I keep my contact with the many people I know very well there. I am currently recovering from an accident and find it very hard to go there.

I called the other day, and was asking the Sirisena how and what was happening in the village and he said something that really made my eye well with tears of joy.

He said that owing to the hot and dry weather, many wells had run dry and the people of the Ratmale Village and the adjoining Rotawewa village stock up on their drinking water from my well as it does not have the salinity taste and is fresh to drink.

The thought that two villages and one does not know how many people that is in total are thankful for the well for their basic drinking water, gives me the feeling that at least there is some benefit to the local people from the well I had cut some years ago at considerable cost, using 30 loads of rock to preserver and ensure purity and taste.

The people were passing the hat around to buy a thick rope to raise the water buckets as the rope had worn out!

At least today as I lie in pain on the bed unable to walk after major surgery, I can only imagine that there is some benefit to others from some thing I have done in the past without been actively aware of its future benefit.