Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Memorial Service for Tony Don Michael @ St. Mary's Bambalapitiya - fellowship after the service

I first went to Sherine Fernando’s flat in Kings Court, and as parking was a problem asked Akila to park in front on Lauries! Frankly even visiting people in these flats is a real problem, and don’t know why Sherine does not have a parking spot we can use! Dad, Lalith & Selvie, Nihal and Nali, Tilak and Sunila were there.

After a brief chat, got to the Church in time for the service. I first spoke to Marie Fernando, who asked me to drop in as she is at her daughter Niri’s now, and I think it was Tahire who was seated in front, but she looked too similar to Niri.

I sat with Aunty Illika Karunaratne. There was GCB’s daughter, Deepika at the service, and I later only found out that Aunty Lila and Aunty Emily had come, but was unable to recognize them to speak to them. I called Clement on the way home to tell him I was sorry I missed speaking to them.

Sharmini had overestimated the numbers and so there was more than enough food to spare, and hope it managed to go to some needy people as it was well made, and was difficult to eat too much at that place holding the plates.

The Service proper was full of songs and music which I am sure TDM would have appreciated. Mano and Neo did a grand job getting Soundarie David and the Soul Sounds singer and I spotted Nimaya Harris amongst them. Apparently the conductor was a Professor Wilson who lives in the US. There were two soloists, male for the Panis and a female for “I would always love youuuu!”

Both Nihal Abeysundera and Mano Chanmugam gave short and sweet talks about their friend, and Tilak had organized the videoing of the whole proceedings, for Sharmini to take back with her to the US.

Both Annette and Renuka were NOT there as I would have expected them to attend! Of course those who had taken advantage of Tony’s largesse in treating them were probably dead now, but at least their children could have attended like Niro and Nishani Perera, Festus’s two offspring who were present throughout. I found time to speak with Jith Peiris who said that Lalla was also in town.

All in all it was a pleasant evening, Tilak asked Dad to spend some time at AMW; and spoke with Sharmini briefly before taking Nihal and Nalini home, and then dropping it at Nelun’s to pick up some money before going home.