Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The ponds of the lodge in April 2012

Preparations to feed 300+ guests for dinner on 30th March 2012

All hands on Deck! 20 helpers to cook for the night's guests

Oh What a sight?

The cooks surround the pot

What scrummy dish is that I see?

Akila and Issanka

Mahesh after a long drive the previous day coming to Ratmale only at 9.30pm in the cab.

As usual only imbibing and not working!

Pol Kiri for the curries

Cooking in progress

The pose

Fried fresh lake fish

Leela at work

Akila and Sagara pretending to work

Who is pouring the oil?

Women at work and the men at play

Pouring the coconut oil into the huge wok!

Tell me who bends down more than a cook in rural Sri Lanka

Cooks X 20!!

End of the cooking

Unloading stuff from the cab

At the well towards the evening

Clearing and cleaning at the well

Final supervision by Leela (Shashika's Mom)

Final Preparations for serving the dinner

Food Served on a Nelum Kolaya (Leaf of the water plant Nelum)

At nightfall with the reflections over the ponds

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Bon Fire from the beginning

Setting up the action stations

The Early part

The bulk of the work almost complete

Across the pond with the reflection

Another angle

Near the end but not quite, it went on till the early hours of dawn!

Meeting the main people from the Village

Two of the oldest UNP supporters of the area who came especially to greet DRW

DRW with Mr Liyanage and Mr Herath Hami Vidana Mahatthaya

DRW with Nisal and Mr Ranatunge a die hard UNPer

Scenes from the March 30th Party at the Lodge - dinner for 250 people

Meeting the crowd, mainly Youth of Minneriya

Nelum Kola for the serving sans plates

The Table from slices

Eating out by the pond

Comfortably on the mat

Singing and Dancing

Paduru Party

Reflection in the Night on the water in one of the ponds