Sunday, July 24, 2016

@ Luncheon for descendants of CH de Soysa - Eighty Club Colombo 24th July 2016

                                                  Kiara Aneesha and Nelun

I believe it was Ilika Karunaratne who had initiated this, though the turnout was rather poor, perhaps because in this increasingly busy age with many people having other events on this day, were otherwise engaged. Naresh Ediriweera who always reminds me of these was not present either, for a good reason no doubt.

Descendents who live in Sri Lanka amount to over 1,000 and 500 overseas!

Our immediate family was probably the best represented, with Nelun and daughters Aneesha and Kiara, and Sharmali, whilst cousins, Lilanthi, Aini and Shani were there, the latter two with their spouses too. I was seated with Nirupa at our table along with elder brother Senaka of the former warden of St Thomas, Mount, Dr Indra de Soysa, a professor of Political Economy and International Relations at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.

I was talking to his sister, who lives in Ratmalana, with an intention of setting up a pre-school to which I suggested she teach potential pre-school teachers.

I had chats with Lalith de Mel (Roshini’s husband) though neither Nirosh or Tani were there. Then chatted with Jith Peiris for a while, as he wanted to know which of his ancestors was in Haris’s picture of the Nilames that Shani has. Minoli asked whether Joy was still here, as she had just got back from her sister’s in Bristol.

Then there was Niranjan Fernando, we meet only on this event. Ismeth’s wife, name escapes me! Ranil de Soysa, talking about the opening of the new hotel of Ajith Wijesekera. There was Nihal Senaratne and his daughter and granddaughters who Kiara knows at LC. They live just opposite the school

Then I spoke at length with Chloe de Soysa, (of Bawa designed de Soysa House) who apparently still works at LJM Peiris (her Dad) and Company that Daddy’s firm used to audit 50 years ago! And where I had gone as an articled clerk, I also mentioned Anne Peris connection there, and Chloe and mummy at the races in Nuwera Eliya. She goes to the races now as she still has her house in Nuwera Eliya, Selwood about which a book has been published,  but says she has to zip back down to Colombo for work as she has to be at LJM Peiris. 

Not bad for a lady of 90+ to want to rush back to Colombo for work when people half her age, would extend their holiday there even if they had MORE work to attend to than her. Chloe said that she always worked and so it was not difficult to continue in that mode, though many of the businesses have changed in what they do. Further, her daughter Sharya a law professor at University of Colombo is currently overseas, so she has to be there to sign the cheques!

Just before leaving spoke with Charu de Soysa and wife. The few de Soysa's on the THA side as he only had one son and three daughters of which my grandmother Lilian was one. They had just been to the soft opening of Ajit Wijesekera's hotel in Sigiriya, as he is his Brother in law.

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