Friday, July 8, 2016

I was close to my NEMESIS but was not able to get a word in edgewise!

 I was talking with Rasing when Rauf whizzed by talking with Sagarica Delgoda!

It is due to a road accident in January 2011, in Minneriya near my home, that I have had to give up my whole farming career. It was due to the Police Jeep of Minister Rauf Hakeem's convoy, on their way to Batticaloa, that could not control its speed and skidded into me, and totaled my vehicle and I was lucky to come out alive.

So I had arranged to meet Hakeem, to remind him of that day! He is also a Board Member of the Dudley Senanayake Foundation and it was not the first time I had met him since the accident. However I don't think he realizes how much I have suffered and the chronic pain I am still in due to that event.

My uncle who is in the second pic, at the far right, dissuaded me from coming up to him, to dog his memory of the event, as I had NO redress from an uninsured STATE for all the pain and continuous suffering due to carelessness on the part of these Ministerial convoys as far as other road users are concerned.

Ironically I am older than him, though he looks older! So I will probably have my day in the future to right a wrong, but it was not yesterday!

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