Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a few of the latest photos of the chillies and pond

the chillies have been planted in between the orange and mango cultivations

chillie cultivation obscuring the toilets and bath room building

the pond with rathu olu that blooms in the night and fades by 10am


Anonymous said...

your lodge is being overrun by chillies! why not get this thing up and running? if you don't want to manage it, you can have a management company do so

Anonymous said...

Why don't you admit your blunder in this lodge.

You do not have the competence to operate it as a tourist destination, and are now using it as an agricultural property.

How much money have you dumped in this property to be used to grow a few plants?

I am willing to bet you have foolishly spent a fortune with no hope of a return.

Another example of your blatant ineptitude.

thekillromeoproject said...

I notice you have got a resident troll on your blogs. The best remedy is to ignore them and they tend to wither away from lack of attention.

Good luck with your ongoing projects!

Anonymous said...

Where are the updates?

Let me guess... the Rain has delayed the opening of the Kumbuk Pokuna Lodge even further.

Let me give you some advice:

Burn down your environmental degradation of a property and let the land go back to its natural habitat.

You will be doing yourself a favor as you will not waste any more time on this exercise of your incompetence.

Ratmale,Minneriya,Sri Lanka said...

get a life man, what is it to you, when or if I ever open my lodge. It is after all my home I am building, where I can relax and watch the moving scenary, and paying guests are just a way to reach out to those in need of an alternative perspective and perhaps broaden their horizons, perhaps like you but with less venom, as I wonder if you are a snake with a human veneer!!!

Anonymous said...

why no updates?? also, perhaps you should just make this into a guest house and go for low budget tourists like backpackers? the advantage is that you could use it in its current state rather than investing more to fix it up to boutique standard. just fill it up with beds and let the guests start coming!

magerata said...

Hi Ranjit, Never mind the Anonymous, But we all like to see more info, even if they are small. Hope the chillies turned out well.