Friday, March 5, 2010

the chillie cultivation in progress

Until I finish building this place, this place is where Sirisena the caretaker lives


Anonymous said...

rajarata, what do you think about creating a 'big 4' species for tourists in lanka like africa has their big 5? the nominated big 4 follow: elephant, blue whale, leopard, and sloth bear. Should these be the big 4 or should others be included? Do these species appear around the Kumbuk Pokuna Lodge???

Ratmale,Minneriya,Sri Lanka said...

well this is just a marketing gimmick which really is not necessary and sounds more like a copy of another country's theme.

Dont forget it is only the elephants that we can get a sure sighting in SL and also around the Pokuna here in Ratmale.

As regards Bear , Leopard and Blue Whale, one would be lucky to encounter any one of them especially as a tourist who makes just one visit. Less than 1% of tourists on a first visit to SL will encounter just one of the three and so we should not waste time hoodwinking tourists.

Anonymous said...

rajarata, if you are not able to get the kumbuk pokuna lodge open, i suggest you set up an eco-tourism travel agency. the required capital for such a venture is minimal, and your knowledge of the undiscovered jewels of the country seems unparalleled. you could then bring the k.p.l. online later, and include it in your offerings.

it seems a shame to me that with the tourism boom taking place in SL that you are being left out for lesser informed actors.