Tuesday, May 17, 2016

One way of prioritizing life in the wild

TWO favorite poses of relaxation here in the wilds off the grid. Rain outside, but mercifully did not beat into my open verandah!

Spent the day on various activities, inside, as it was raining most of the day. I sent the staff over to Kumbuk Amuna and Kumbuk Thuduwa, to pick up bamboo from both properties to make Vesak Lanterns, a time honored pastime, that with globalisation has also gone global and here at least it was the old fashioned practices, which will hopefully be taught to future generations here in the village, but sadly not for our children in this Megapolis. This is another differentiation between the Megapolise and the rest of the Country, and I hope to elaborate on the distinct differences between the two cultures in the same Country so our citizens can choose what gives them the fix. There is NO doubt to my readers as to where my loyalties lie!!

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