Sunday, March 9, 2014

Used the time to sand and seal and renew the doors and one window, see the change!

All the doors and windows were made from kumbuk from a fallen tree round the corner in the village. Notice the beauty of the natural grain of the wood and no coloring was used and the sanding sealer and varnish was used both to protect the wood and enhance the color of the natural wood.
 the workers on the job were Sanjeewa and Preme, while Issanka just came for the photo unable to get even a second of work from him. There you are some will not work no matter what you give!

They just have too good a life in SL thanks to their parents indulging them and saying they should only work if the pay is five time what they are truly worth.

that is life in the land of the lotus eaters   

A smiling lotus eater!

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