Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ratmale Daham Pasala - distribution of books to the kids on Sunday, February 3rd 2013


Anonymous said...

Excellent work. I think you'll be interested to to know about something similar: an education sponsorship program for kids affected by the war,caried out by Glorious Jaffna Foundation.

Glorious Jaffna Foundation (GJF) is a charity that carries out an education sponsorship program for kids in Northern Province affected by the war.
GJF believes It's important that these kids are healed from 'wounds of war' and looked after.
GJF aims to achieve two significant goals by its education sponsorship program
1. Education sponsorship assures that the desired qualitative level of learning experience is achieved; these kids are not marginalized in terms of Education. This will also make them feel more assured about their future.
2. Education Sponsorship generating from Outside North, will make these kids feel loved and cared for; Kids would realise that there are good people outside North of Sri Lanka who will care about the well-being of them, the children affected by the war. This will make these kids less susceptible to myopic terrorist propaganda that they may face in future
Therefore Glorious Jaffna Foundation seeks to empower children affected by the war, to achieve a better future for themselves and Sri Lanka via its education sponsorship
GJF believes Education is a sure-fire way to ensure that these kids escape poverty and other negative aspects in post war environment, which will go a long way in ensuring lasting reconciliation.
Can i have your email address? I can get more info on objectives and operations of GJF emailed to you then. BTW I head GJF.

Anonymous said...

And my email is